Cupping Massage Benefits

You’ve seen them around the media. What is this intriguing therapy that professional athletes are receiving all over the world?

Cupping- an ancient therapy. Here we go again…

Just like many ancient healing modalities (Gua Sha), they tend to come back and become super popular when those who have a huge following (celebrities, pro athletes, etc.) receive these treatments.

At Apex Retreat, we combine Cupping with Massage, of course!

Cupping massage is a form of therapy that uses cups to create suction on the skin. This suction helps to draw blood to the surface of the skin and can help to release tense muscles and fascia and promote healing. It can also help to reduce inflammation and improve circulation. Cupping massage is often used to treat back pain, neck pain, and other chronic pain. It is also sometimes used to help with circulation issues and to reduce stress.

Cupping Massage Has Many Health Benefits…

CUPPING Massage helps relieve common muscle & joint pain

CUPPING Massage helps promote blood circulation

CUPPING Massage supports recovery from strenuous workouts and physical activity

CUPPING Massage encourages Lymphatic Circulation and detoxification

CUPPING Massage may help reduce anxiety and stress

CUPPING Massage may help improve your quality of sleep

CUPPING Massage may improve the appearance of cellulite & stretch marks

CUPPING Massage may help release adhesions & soften scars

CUPPING Massage is effective at clearing congestion

CUPPING Massage can help boost a healthy immune response

CUPPING Massage can help clear colon blockage and aid digestion

** PLEASE NOTE: Our Therapists are thoroughly trained to provide these treatments. Please be informed that not all Massage Therapists are trained in cupping and Gua Sha. This is especially important for SAFE & EFFECTIVE treatments.

Contact our Therapist to see if your a good candidate for Cupping Massage.

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