Healing with Aromatic Botanicals is all about gaining a deeper grasp of aromatic botanicals and the complexity of utilizing aromatherapy as a starting point. This book serves as a comprehensive guide because the breadth and aim have been painstakingly split into major parts to enhance your understanding. The sections of this book will walk you through the fundamentals of aromatherapy, including essential oils and herbs, as well as the various applications of aromatic botanical medicine across the holistic spectrum.

When we talk about aromatherapy, plenty of us imagine skimming through blog postings on the Internet. There would be a lot of information to study and learn from; however, like other platforms, these online forums are influenced by worldwide branding and marketing. This means that the only information available for free is misleading information that solely supports and promotes unrelated enterprises. Following such counsel and numerous others can lead you down a rabbit hole. On the other hand, aromatherapy is a sophisticated science that requires professionals to execute and teach.

The author of this book, Fernanda Santiago, is a Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist and a qualified clinical aromatherapist with over a decade of expertise in the area. She was already performing massage treatment and aromatherapy professionally at the age of 19. Fernanda specializes in Aromatherapy treatments and formulations, as well as massage sessions. With this book, she aims to dispel any doubts one might have about traditional medicine, help people stay well, preserve her heritage, and make a difference in the world of therapeutics. Her book strives to show individuals how to adopt those traditional herbal treatments into their daily lives to improve their health. The author also includes instructions on how to utilize herbs topically, such as in compresses and poultices, as well as vital nourishing recipes to help your body from within.

This book is helpful for everyday people who wish to start adopting natural treatments into their lives and massage therapists and other health experts. It’s critical to recognize that health isn’t just something to be concerned about when it’s not present. Today is the day to take control of your health.

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