Working the Feet at Apex Retreat: Integrative Reflexology® & Thai Foot Massage

The feet are talking… are you listening?

Keeping the Feet healthy is a very important aspect of holistic medicine. Massaging the feet not only feels good but is good for your entire being.

When you receive a custom foot massage session with us, you give your body, mind and nervous system time to rest recover. This is crucial for a healthy wellbeing.

Integrative Reflexology®

The Integrative Reflexology® method is a holistic approach to reflexology that is deeply relaxing and provides a therapeutic response to the body and mind. By intentionally stimulating specific reflex points, your reflexologist can help identify where there might be an imbalance and help you to restore balance.

Who is it for?
Stress is the number one reason to receive this. Reflexology increases deep relaxation and helps to restore an overworked nervous system. As I like to say…when your adrenals have taken a beating! Those who are chronically ill or have autoimmune disorders also benefit from these wonderful treatments. This is why the integrative reflexology method is used in clinical settings, hospitals, for elder Care as well as spas and wellness centers thought the nation. It can be adapted to each individual and diverse treatment settings.

Thai Foot Massage, a therapy for your soles.


This treatment is deeply relaxing yet invigorating at the same time! As the therapist stimulates points and opens up the Sen lines of the legs, your entire body benefits from this rejuvenating treatment. The focus we would say for this approach is as they say in Thailand “Sabai – Sabai”, ultimate wellbeing and happiness! For an ultimate state of renewal, book a Thai Foot Massage.

Not sure what to book?
Tell your therapist to surprise you. They will always keep your best interest in mind. Our are trained and certified in both methods therapist and love to combine the best of both worlds!
*Currently offering Thai Foot Massage: Fernanda, Lijing, and  Dean
Integrative Reflexology: Fernanda and Dean

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